The editors and faculty advisors of Hibou have compiled examples of student and professional writing, as well as resources to make your writing stronger. As you struggle to write, let these resources serve as your companions.

Content Creation

Hibou accepts a wide range of content. Although we heavily appreciate journalistic work, find below a list of potential submission genres:

  • Short fiction prose

  • Poetry

  • Non-fiction writing

  • Photography

  • 2-D Art

Genres of Nonfiction Writing 

Written clips can straddle between non-academic and academic. Often they reflect style, clear thinking, research, and creative risks. Many genres of non-fiction works overlap each other, and below are just a few examples of nonfiction genres. To read more about these genres, check out this document.

  • Investigative Journalism

  • Political Journalism

  • Biographies/Profiles

  • Op-Eds

  • Historical

  • Memoir

  • Literary/Film Criticism

  • Travel Writing

  • Food Writing

  • Photojournalism/Photo Essays