Isabelle Siegel, Editor in Chief

Isabelle is a Jewess from Brooklyn, New York, majoring in History, Law and Society and minoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic Cultures. She speaks Spanish, French, and some Arabic and Yiddish.

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Imani Fanga, Copy Editor

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Imani is a Senior at AUP. Imani is currently studying Communications and Film Studies; her specialization is content analysis in both fields. Raised in Boulder, Montreal, Paris, and Gabon, Imani has found a grand affinity for languages and international peoples. In her off time she loves to dance, write poetry, and sing.

Vera Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir, Design Editor

Vera is from Iceland. She moved to Paris last year and is double majoring in History, Law and Society and International Comparative Politics.


Lauren Williams, Deputy Editor

Lauren is a life enthusiast pursuing a degree in Journalism and Politics. In the meantime, she's searching for the best Ethiopian food in Paris and probably listening to sad indie rock.

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Kristina Rayl, Design Editor

Kristina Rayl was born in Oklahoma and raised In Dallas, Texas. She moved to Paris in 2016 and began studying at The American University of Paris, where she pursues an Art History and History, Law and Society degrees. She hopes to pursue a career of law.

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Faith Witham, Deputy Editor

Faith Witham is from rural Eastern Oregon aka the wild west but with cell phones. She is a sophomore at AUP studying journalism. Outside of school, she enjoys skateboarding, working on her private pilot's license, and listening to John Denver on repeat. Faith is passionate about intersectional feminism and everything gay.

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Ellis Carter

Ellis is a student at The American University of Paris, and works for its Center for Writers and Translators. He likes to send in work to poetry magazines and write essays about things that interest him. He enjoys eating and frequenting libraries.


Basia Diagne

Basia is a junior at AUP, hailing from the Senegalese capital of Dakar and currently pursuing a major in History, Law & Society. She is passionate about human rights and social justice, but during her free time you can find her dancing kizomba, watching conspiracy documentaries, and jamming to reggae and 90's hip-hop.


Dhouha Djerbi ضحى جربي

Dhouha is originally Tunisian, but lived and studied in the UAE, Tunisia, and the USA. She currently pursues studies in the fields of Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Society at AUP. Dhouha is a sex work activist. Her interests include Intersectional Feminism, Post-colonial theory, and collecting vintage books and posters she finds in local flea markets. Her most valuable possession is a signed picture of Angela Davis.


Indigo Golub

Born and raised in New York, Indigo moved to Paris and is studying Philosophy and Psychology. She likes jazz and mojitos and is always up for a hug.


Oliver Henry

Born, bred, and blossomed in the foothills of Colorado's Front Range. A passionate lover of music, literature, and outdoor sports. Majoring in History, History, Law and Society and minoring in French at The American University of Paris.


Seth Jackson

Seth is from the provincial city of Portland, Maine. He is double majoring in History, Law and Society and History. A bon vivant, Seth can be found with his head buried in the New York Times over a glass of wine.

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Amicole Mbacke

Amicole Mbacke is a sophomore double majoring in History and Psychology at The American University of Paris

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Lilly Schreiter

Lilly is a poetry-enthusiast of German origin, majoring in History and Art History. Inspired by Romain Rolland, she spends her free time working for Volt, dreaming of a truly united and democratic Europe.

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Afinatou Thiam

Born and raised in New York City, Afinatou moved to Paris in 2015. A senior at AUP studying History, Law and Society, she hopes to pursue a career in law. In her spare time, Afinatou enjoys visiting museums and exploring the city!


Verónica Ayala Cobos

Verónica is an Ecuadorian residing in Paris, soon to graduate from the American University of Paris. She studies Journalism with a minor in Comparative Political Communications. The topics that she is passionate about are politics, feminism, the cartel war and the environment. She is eager to start writing for Hibou because she really enjoyed reading their first two editions and respect their vision of educated journalism to generate healthy competition at AUP. She thinks it is important to have different outlets so that there is space at AUP for all kinds of readers and writers.

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Mary McColley

Mary McColley is from Maine, which is to say she has a deep affinity with pine needles and a different definition of « cold » than most Parisians. She is interested in languages, lobsters, poetry, and people.


Carolin Sahli

Spending her time in Germany, Colorado, and Paris, Carolin loves to explore new cultures and political systems. She is double-majoring in International and Comparative Politics and History, Law, and Society. Carolin can be found on a walk through Paris, debating new policies or in her favorite bookstore on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

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Sofia Kalogirou

From sunny AZ, Sofia is a History, Law, & Society and International Comparative Politics double major at AUP. Particularly drawn to migrant rights and advocacy from her own Mexican/Greek roots, she has been a part of various NGO movements in the city working to integrate immigrants in Paris.

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Linnea Wingerup

Linnea is a proud Swedish-American living and eating baguettes in the beautiful city of her childhood dreams. She enjoys petting cats, dancing in the kitchen, over-dressing for all occasions, and listening to ABBA (She is Swedish, after all). Her ultimate goal is to live like Miss Phryne Fisher of Miss Fishe'r’s Murder Mysteries, a glass of champagne in one hand, and a good book on feminism in the other.

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Alia Hadjar

Alia is an Algerian-American muslim who has lived in the USA, Italy, France, the UAE, and Germany. She is passionate about intersectional issues, especially feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, and disability studies. Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate degree with a double major in Psychology and Gender Studies, as well as a double minor in French and Comparative Literature.


Zhaohan Shen

Zhaohan Shen is the President of the Singapore Students' Association in France, the International and Comparative Politics Representative and an active contributing member of the university’s UN Human Rights Working Group. On the weekend, he also volunteers at various organizations. He is a currently a senior double majoring in International and Comparative Politics, and History, Law & Society. Coming from multi-ethnic Singapore, Kevin believes in the importance of tolerance and acceptance to better one's own self and the greater community. He also likes strolling in Paris and petting random dogs on the street.

Eleanor Hartwell

Eleanor Hartwell is a senior at AUP majoring in International Comparative Politics.

Faculty Advisors


Albert Wu

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Michelle Kuo