Executive Team Spring 2019

Eleanor Hartwell, Editor in Chief

Eleanor Hartwell is a writer and a content editor for Hibou. She's an International Comparative Politics major particularly interested in social justice issues.


Chloe Denelsbeck, Design Editor

Chloe Denelsbeck is the Design Editor of Hibou’s print magazine and is studying History, Law, and Society. She was born in Boston, MA, but has lived in Seattle, WA and Scottsdale, AZ, and currently resides in Northern Virginia. Chloe is interested in children’s rights and in the future plans to advocate for children around the world.


Carolin Sahli, Director of Operations

Spending her time in Germany, Colorado, and Paris, Carolin loves to explore new cultures and political systems. She is double-majoring in International and Comparative Politics and History, Law, and Society. Carolin can be found on a walk through Paris, debating new policies or in her favorite bookstore on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

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Alia Hadjar, Deputy Editor and Web Design

Alia is Algerian-American and has lived in the USA, Italy, France, the UAE, and Germany. She is passionate about intersectionality, especially concerning feminism, queer theory, and disability studies. Currently, she is pursuing her undergraduate degree with a double major in Psychology and Gender Studies.

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Mary McColley, Deputy Editor

Mary McColley is from Maine, which is to say she has a deep affinity with pine needles and a different definition of « cold » than most Parisians. She is interested in languages, lobsters, poetry, and people.

Contributors Spring 2019


Indigo Golub

Born and raised in New York, Indigo moved to Paris and is studying Philosophy and Psychology. She likes jazz and mojitos and is always up for a hug.


Katie Taylor

A halfie from the US and China, Katie is passionate about history, film and jumping to conclusions. Catch her at the jazz club or a rock show in the city.


Tamelan Chauvet


Carley Christerson

Carley Christerson is a visiting student at AUP and studies urban history at her home university in D.C. If she’s not hanging out with the cats in la Cimetière de Montmartre, you can probably find her getting tipsy by the Seine on cheap Franprix wine, or rereading Les Misérables in the Jardin du Luxembourg for the 487th time.


Basia Diagne

Basia is a junior at AUP hailing from the Senegalese capital of Dakar and currently pursuing a major in History, Law & Society with a minor in Gender Studies. She is passionate about human rights and social justice, but during her free time you can find her dancing kizomba, watching conspiracy documentaries, and jamming to reggae and 90's hip-hop.


Safira Newton-Matza

A junior majoring in History, she was born and raised in a Chicago suburb. A lover of coffee, history, reading and travel.


Spencer Quinn

Spencer is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a film major with a particular interest in street photography, good food, and Adam Sandler movies.



This spot is dedicated to all of our valuable writers who wish to remain anonymous.

Faculty Advisors


Albert Wu

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Michelle Kuo