Isabelle Siegel, Editor in Chief

Isabelle is a Jewess from Brooklyn, New York, majoring in History Law and Society and minoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic Cultures. She speaks Spanish, French, and some Arabic. 


Shane McLorrain, Advising Editor

Shane is recent AUP graduate and current employee. He studied History, which he will pursue at the graduate level in the Fall. His interests include science fiction, behavioral economics, wearing headphones in all conceivable situations, and researching AUP’s long history of student publications.


Sara Moskowitz, Deputy Editor

Bostonian turned Parisian, Sara is an HLS major with a minor in psychology and a passion for caffeine, wine, and getting in political debates with strangers


Seth Jackson, Deputy Editor

Seth is from the provincial city of Portland, Maine. He is double majoring in HLS and History. A bon vivant, Seth can be found with his head buried in the New York Times over a glass of wine.

Kristina Rayl

Kristina Rayl was born in Oklahoma and raised In Dallas, Texas. She moved to Paris in 2016 and began studying at The American University of Paris, where she pursues an art history and history law and society degrees. She hopes to pursue a career of law.

Vera Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir

Vera is from Iceland. She moved to Paris last year and is double majoring in History Law and Society and International Comparative Politics. 

Basia Diagne

Basia is a junior at AUP pursuing a major in History, Law & Society. Originating from the Senegalese capital of Dakar and New York, Basia's love of traveling emerged from her experiences growing up in Tanzania, Nepal, Senegal and Kenya. She is passionate about human rights and social justice, but during her free time you can find her dancing kizomba, watching conspiracy documentaries, and jamming to reggae and 90's hip-hop. 


Sofia Kalogirou

Sofia is a senior from Phoenix, Arizona, double majoring in HLS and ICP. After graduation, she will be working with local NGOs in Paris. 


Indigo Golub

Born and raised in New York, Indigo moved to Paris and is studying Philosophy and Psychology. She likes jazz and mojitos and is always up for a hug. 


Ciat Conlin

Ciat Conlin is a student in Comparative Literature and French at the American University of Paris.


Oliver Henry

Oliver is from Colorado. He's double majoring in History and HLS. In his free time, Oliver dabbles in Parkour and music. His friends have described him as an island lawyer.


Noé Sainderichin

Noé Sainderichin is a French graduate student enrolled in the Diplomacy and International Law program. He has studied law, history, and journalism, and is interested in international relations, politics, philosophy and psychology.


Lilly Schreiter

Lilly is a poetry-enthusiast of German origin, majoring in History and Art History. Forever inspired by Hermann Hesse’s Demian, she wholeheartedly advises the novel as the ultimate tool to unravel one’s identity and coming-of age and assess socially inflicted pressures.


Laura Moreano

Laura moved from Bogotá, Colombia to Paris in 2015. She graduating this semester with a major in ICP and a minor in International Law. She wants to pursue her career in human rights and humanitarian aid.


Dhouha Djerbi ضحى جربي

Dhouha is originally Tunisian, but lived and studied in the UAE, Tunisia, and the USA. She currently pursues studies in the fields of Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Society at AUP. Dhouha is a sex work activist. Her interests include Intersectional Feminism, Post-colonial theory, and collecting vintage books and posters she finds in local flea markets. Her most valuable possession is a signed picture of Angela Davis.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 5.30.08 PM.png

The writers are doing an MA on Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation (ADST), studying paradigms of global inequality and critical approaches on development. Their work focuses on interdisciplinary and heterogeneous perspectives that engage with an applied and ethnographic approach to social transformation. We question the disciplinary limits and potentials of both Anthropology and Development, critically explore the relation between the two historically and practically. We seek to abolish/transcend/improve current practices and orthodoxy of development to reshape through complex and nuanced understanding. We try to find ways to re center the subaltern in our knowledge production.

Faculty Advisors


Albert Wu 

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Michelle Kuo