Other Student Publications

We believe the existence of myriad journalistic outlets on campus holds us all to a higher standard and elevates AUP's intellectualism. Please support our peers. 



A militant zine that connects radical queer, feminist, and race theory with creative activist projects. Through writing, both academic and creative, through art, and through performance we provide an inclusive platform for peripheral voices to speak on gender, race and LGBTQ+ issues in the AUP Community, the city of Paris, and beyond.


the lutetian

The Lutetian is the only academic publication at AUP that aims to highlight the thorough, intelligent and critical writings of AUP students from a variety of departments. This year’s issue is centered around the global crisis of liberalism and democracy's discontents with a variety of essays discussing social, political and economic issues relevant to our times. The journal’s mission is to help us understand, and think critically of an increasingly complex international scene.


paris atlantic

Creative Arts Journal 



The Peacock Plume is led by AUP Student Media (ASM) and encompasses The Plume, Peacock Magazine, and Peacock Play. We are the epicenter of AUP’s multicultural urban campus, dedicated to producing high-quality content that connects students, faculty, alumni, and the globe.