Who We Are

Hibou Magazine is a student run literary outlet designed as a way to hold intellectualism at AUP accountable, while also providing a platform for writers of all backgrounds to voice their comments, concerns, and artistic endeavours. Hibou is open to anyone, and we want to support writers who wish to improve and publish work, particularly in developing investigative journalism within a college setting.  

Founding Story

Hibou began as the final project for the Education, Freedom Citizenship course taught by Professor Michelle Kuo in Fall 2017. Professor Kuo felt that there was a need for a greater diversity of student publications that would foster democratic exchange. In particular she hoped Hibou could be an outlet for students passionate about social justice, history, and political change. Over the past two semesters, and with collaboration from 28 wonderful writers, Hibou has produced three issues, and reached 500 viewers in 27 countries, a testament to AUP’s supportive student body. We are so proud to have joined our fellow student publications and to have set this precedent for ourselves.

The Hibou Legacy

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Spring 2019

Eleanor Hartwell, Editor in Chief

Chloe Denelsbeck, Design Editor

Carolin Sahli, Director of Operations

Mary McColley, Deputy Editor

Alia Hadjar, Deputy Editor and Web Design

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Fall 2018

Isabelle Siegel, Editor in Chief

Vera Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir, Design Editor

Kristina Rayl, Design Editor

Imaniushindi Fanga, Copy Editor

Lauren Williams, Copy Editor

Faith Witham, Content Editor

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Founding Editors Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Isabelle Alexandra Siegel, Editor in Chief

Sara Moskowitz, Deputy Editor

Seth Jackson, Deputy Editor

Shane McLorrain, Advising Editor