Editor in chief, semesterly position

  • Oversees deputy editors

  • Final edit and final say on article topics

  • Finds staff writers and holds them accountable for articles

  • Organizes meetings

Copy Editor, semesterly position

  • Responsible for final grammar check and fact checking; maintains quality standard.

Design Editor, semesterly position

  • Maintains website and circulates print edition

  • Manages social media accounts

10-20 staff writers, semesterly position

Accountable for 2 articles (or more) per semester. Please commit to which 2 publications you will contribute to ahead of time, with the knowledge that you can always contribute more, but we need an idea of how many more writers we need.

*Freelance articles accepted on rolling basis, corresponding to the deadlines for the publication you’re writing for.


Editorial Selection Process:

Candidates fill out application and are accepted or denied as nominees by editor in chief, to then be voted for by contributors.

Email hibou@aup for the application form.