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Savory Boys Spit Out Sweet Coffee

Savory Boys Spit Out Sweet Coffee

You’re so careless

Letting your scent stain my pillow

It’s haunting, your ghost reeking

And you left your shit here too

Your jacket, cigarette addiction, jazz and back rubs 

These things don’t just dissolve 

Neither does kissing with tongue or plain omelettes made with love 

Honestly...fuck you. 

And fuck how I glorify your flaws 

You’re so flawed 

So fuckin flawed 

And artistic

And flawed 

And introspective

And flawed

And sexy 

And flawlessly flawed 

I swear to god 

I could deflate the bubbles rising under your skin, but- but I don’t think you want me to

My tonic is affection: I know you’re more of a savory guy but I promise you’ll begin to crave me

Don’t give it up just because you’re threatened by bravery

Ah I should have known

My fingers always got stuck on knots while running through your hair

She always sends me signs, I just ignore them with an infantile air

Some dude once said,

“Tell me what you think you are so I know what you’re not” 

It’s plain to see how naive I am when I say I’m a romantic. I’m not a romantic, I’m just a witty desperate. 

Nothing sexier than reassurance and social validation, jesus I’m wet just thinking about it 


It would be great if you could pick your shit up tomorrow, I still have your blue lighter and your ghost is rotting in the corner. 

It’s beginning to smell, and my roommate is irritated that I keep bringing it coffee 

It always spits

I know you’re more of a savory guy,

but I just keep putting sugar in it. 

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